Read all about our leading ladies, their sexy mates and steamy realtionships.

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About The Author

Phoenix Rayne is the alter ego of a small town girl in Arkansas. She's an avid reader and enjoys hanging out with her closest girlfriends and dressing up for dinner parties. She released her first book in November of 2013 and has been ecstatic with the incredible backup of her work. 

Phoenix Rayne is the author of the "From The From Love to Loathe" series. The first installment of the Contemporary Romance Series is "Heels of Love", the second is "The Enclave of Jyme", the third is "Wounded Love" and the fourth is "Winter In Love" She also has "Cupid's Desire", "The Marriage That Didn't Stay in Vegas", "All Torn Apart", "Your Secret's Safe with Me" series. 

Latest Books 

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Wounded Love Soundtrack

Cricket's Soundtrack

The Enclave of Jyme Soundtrack

Winter in Love


Heels of Love Book Trailer

Wounded Love Book Trailer

Cupid's Desire Book Trailer

The Enclave of Jyme

Winter in Love

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